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At Balanced Mind Centers all services are provided by Physicians, Psychiatrist, and Doctorate Level Professionals with the appropriate Licenses. We have taken great steps to deliver and produce what we ourselves would want for our own families and friends. For more information regarding available appointments please call us at 702-781-7878 or just push the call button below. 


Our strive is to provide great results as a Las Vegas psychiatrist service provider. And with our professional supporting team and staff we believe we have created great accommodations that will allow our patients to feel at ease knowing we care for their well being.

  • We understand the sensitivity of a patients mental health and loved ones. And we aim to resolve disorders as quickly as possible with the patients well being as the number one concern.
  • We have Therapists and a psychiatrist on staff that can collaborate depending on what type of help our patients are in need of.
  • Balanced Mind Centers does except some insurances for psychiatrist services as well as for Therapist services. Please call to verify that your insurance is in our system when you call for appointment.

In Depth

Our Focus 

Balanced Mind Centers was founded on the idea that everyone should have an opportunity to live a productive and functional life.


As a psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider along with a team of Therapists on staff our number one goal is to assist people who are in need of help with their everyday life and help with mental health disorders that otherwise may seem a bit much or unbearable. 

​Your progress is our success    

Balanced Mind Centers

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Balanced Mind Centers of Las Vegas is a mental health service provider that is locally owned and operated right here in Las Vegas. As a locally owned service provider in the field of mental health we are truly hands on when it comes to our day to day business operations. We implement guideline that will make both patients and staff more relaxing and pleasant. It's not unheard of to hear someone say that our staff seems to be very happy. And the answer to that is simple, We only want people to work for us if their happy doing what they do for a living. 

So remember when you come to Balanced Mind Centers we are here because we want to be here and that could be a huge difference.

  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Emotional Difficulties
  • Family Therapy / Couples Therapy
  • Brain Mapping
  • ADHD & PST 
  • Anger Management
  • Psychotherapy ​