Understanding the reviews and how to search for a General Contractor in Las Vegas. 

​It can be confusing when searching for any kind of a company let alone a Las Vegas general contractor. But first lets take a look at the different search engines that are out there. The top most used search engines for general contractors Las Vegas services are Google and YELP. I would estimate it to be about 90%. These are the two that people go directly to as they seem to be the most popular. However there are many other search engines that people can use to find general contractors in Las Vegas. Please check out below the options you have and lets review the general contractor Las Vegas results. 

YELP General Contractors Las Vegas Results - YP top 30 local Las Vegas general contractor results - Diamond Pages 

​Thumbtack results for general contractor - The list for general contractor on the SUN Las Vegas newspaper 

The Prime Buyer report for Las Vegas general contractors - DexKnows results for local Las Vegas general contractor 

Use eLocal to do your search for contractorsEZlocal General Contractor Listings - Cylex search results 

Nevada Contractors Board - And the BBB for general contractor results in Las Vegas 

Now that we saw how many ways there are to search for general contractors Las Vegas services we need to understand what we are seeing. Some of these search engines will list companies with priority by how much the advertiser is spending and even though they could have good ratings or bad ratings. Others will list them by how much great ratings they have but you can see that there are advertisers at the top of the page before those great rated companies (and that can get confusing if you don't pay attention). But now your looking at the general contractor Las Vegas list and reviews and you might be saying to yourself how do I evaluate them. For me it's easy I will only use the review if the consumer was a paying customer. What that means is if the reviewer says I didn't use their services the quote was to high, well that means nothing to me because maybe you would have actually got what you wanted. After all how many times do we hear about a bad Las Vegas general contractor. Remember a bad general contractor will let you hear anything you want to get that deposit and move on. It's only the paying customer that can ever have a true experience and with all the bad general contractors not just in Las Vegas but everywhere you can never know until you see other peoples experience with a particular company. 

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