Our supporting staff was assembled to provide our clients the best possible assistance with care and compassion. ​From the moment you call our center you'll notice that the focus is all on you and what it is you're in need of. 

 In many cases people are calling for our psychiatrist Las Vegas services or our Therapist Las Vegas services, but it's always nice when the right staff is put together to help you navigate with ethics and care. 

Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids pledges that we will always treat our clients with the utmost respect, care, and ethics.

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Welcome to the Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids where we take mental health treatment vigorously and passionately.

 As a psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider we understand what's at risk as in some cases mental health can make all the difference in a persons well being. Our Las Vegas Therapists and Psychiatrist have one goal in mind, and that's to improve your well being as well as provide assessment and treatment, rehabilitation, help with mental illness and disorders.

As a psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider our company was founded on the idea that every person has potential for greatness and happiness

Simply Beautiful Minds / Skills 4 Kids of Las Vegas is a locally owned company that offers many types of mental health services. We believe that no out of state company can compete with our fundamental desire to serve our city with the passion and care we have for a place we call home. 

 We offer adults and children Therapist services, Psychiatrist services, as well as have social workers on staff. 


For more information about our Las Vegas psychiatrist services or our supporting team please visit our service page.

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What Are Some of the Steps And Goal As your Las Vegas Psychiatrist Service Providers?    

​Our Las Vegas psychiatrist will assess and diagonals every patient they see as quickly as possible. In some cases it may take more than one session with the psychiatrist depending on how delicate or severe the complexity of the matter is. Once the psychiatrist has made an assessment the treatment or therapy can start taking place. Our Las Vegas psychiatrist can use a variety of treatments if required for the patients well being. These treatments can be anything from psychotherapy, interventions, medication and other treatments (example electroconvulsive therapy or ECT). 

 If our Psychiatrist uses Psychotherapy that means the treatment involves talking and building a relationship between our Las Vegas psychiatrist and the patient. This can be used with a variety of mental disorders and emotional difficulties. The goal of psychotherapy is to eliminate or control disabling and disturbing symptoms so that the patient can function better on a day to day basis. Depending on the extent or depth of the problem treatment may take as little as a few sessions or may take many sessions over a period of years. Psychotherapy can be done in many different ways depending on the circumstances. In some cases it's done as individuals where others it could be done in a group or as a couple. 

​ An any case no matter how simple or complex the problem is please be assured that our goals

and intentions are always to get your well-being on the journey to healthy living.

Do I Need A Psychiatrist Or A Therapist?    

The first thing you should know is whether you're seeing a Therapist Las Vegas service provider or a Psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider they are both there to help you with your mental health and well being.

The most noticeable difference in most cases is that Las Vegas Psychiatrists can subscribe to medication as they are licensed in Nevada as Doctors. Where Therapists are largely licensed to do talk therapy. This means that as a licensed therapist the treatment would be mostly talking through behavioral issues, depression, Anxiety Disorder, Grief, mental stress, and much more. So as you can see both Therapists and Psychiatrists are in the field of helping people with their mental health but only a Psychiatrist in Las Vegas is licensed as a true Medical Doctor. And in some cases medication is needed and in that particular instance, the Las Vegas psychiatrist would be more beneficial. However in some mental health facilities like Skills 4 Kids of Las Vegas we have both Therapists and Psychiatrist on staff so if you did see one of our Therapists and they assessed that you might need medication or an appointment with our Psychiatrist who is licensed as a Doctor we would make that transition without having to send you to another facility. 

About The Field of Psychiatry.       

The field of psychiatry is the study and research dealing with treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and unusual behavior. An other words it's the study of medicine involving the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. And although people are not perfect it's fair to say that most of us can live a functional and productive life with the help of a professional in the field of psychiatry.  

​What type of jobs are in the field of psychiatry? As the laws may very from state to state as far as definition goes it would be fair to say that most professional would agree that Psychiatrists, Therapists, Neuropsychiatrists, social workers, and counselors are all contributing to the field of psychiatry. 

​In Las Vegas psychiatrists are licensed as Doctors and/or Physicians. Therefor certified board psychiatrists can prescribed medication as needed. This is the same in all of Nevada as psychiatrists are licensed though the Nevada Board of Examiners. 


Your Local Las Vegas Psychiatrist & Therapist Service Providers 

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