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What Is A Psychiatrist?

A Las Vegas Psychiatrist is a medical Doctor that can either be an M.D. or D.O. 

And as Doctors Psychiatrists in Las Vegas can specialize in mental health disorders as well as substance abuse disorders. Las Vegas Psychiatrists are qualified to evaluate and assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological disorders.

People seek psychiatric help for a wide range of reasons. 

(In Las Vegas psychiatrist can issue medication as they see fit) 

What Is A Therapist? 

An many cases Las Vegas Therapists do what's called talk therapy (psychotherapy). 

This may be crucial when dealing with treatment for depression or bipolar disorder.

A Therapist can help you cope with feelings, problem solving and behavior disorders that can contribute to your symptoms, challenges, and life difficulties. 

(It should be noted that most Therapists in Las Vegas are not able to issue medications)

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